Interview with Shayne of Pink Cyberkitty (maker of cybergoth hair extensions)

Interview conducted in 2003 by st3ph, who owns a pair of Shayne's hair extensions that i love!

st3ph: OK, basic facts first: your name, age, location, and length of time making your own hair extensions.

Shayne: Shayne, 28, Providence, RI. I have been making hair falls for about a year. I have been selling them for about 6 months.

st3ph: What made you decide to start making your own hair extensions?

Shayne: My friend Lana made some dread falls for me and I loved wearing them. Since I can't have "fun" hair on a daily basis, I loved the fact that I could put the falls in and then take them out. Lana then moved away so I decided to try to teach myself how to make them.

st3ph: How did you teach yourself? What were your reference materials? Was it hard to learn? I think you may just have a natural knack for it... I remember your first set already looking great!

Shayne: Thanks! I studied the two pairs that Lana made me so I could see how she attached the hair to the elastics. I was also at Lana's house when she was doing synthetic dread extensions on a client so I was able to see the process of teasing the hair and then steaming it. I also checked out this hair extensions info page which gives you instructions on how to make different kinds of hair falls, and what kind of hair to use etc... I also checked out Quinnster's hair message board which was a lot of help too.

I then bought a little steamer since I learned that a steamer works best to secure the dreads. It wasn't to hard to learn how to make the dread falls but It did take some time getting used to how much hair you should dread at a time and how well you steam it etc...

My first pair of falls came out quite nice but when I look at them now, I can definitely see how much better I am at making them. And I don't don't burn myself with the steamer as much anymore. :-)

st3ph: Hehe. What are your favorite fake hair materials to work with?

Shayne: When I first started making dread falls I used synthetic yaki hair since it was cheaper than the synthetic silky hair. But now that I am better at making hair pieces I only use the silky synthetic hair.I like using silky hair better since the dreads seem to stay together better. Plus the hair is shiny and a lot more smooth than the yaki hair. For some reason, the yaki hair is hard to steam. The dreads just don't stay together well. I also love using rexlace (plastic gimp), thick wool yarn and beads. Wool yarn like Collinette Yarn works well in dread falls since the yarn is thick and dread like.

st3ph: Who are your other favorite hair extensioneers & artistic influences?

Shayne: Of course I love Lana's work. She makes incredible hair pieces, extensions and wigs. She is one very talented girl! Hair Police also does amazing hair work. Sonia who runs Hair Police was actually one of the first people to do synthetic dread extensions and hair falls in this area. This cool girl Andy (who is on the hair message board with me) makes wool yarn hair pieces that are amazing. People should definitely check out her site @ She even hand dyes some of her yarn. I also get a lot of inspiration and ideas from Quinnster's hair board and from fashion runway shows.

st3ph: Will the cybergoth look and super-funky hair ever be accepted by the mainstream? (I read that "goth culture is bubbling up into the mainstream" in a recent newspaper article)

Shayne:I don't know if the cybergoth look and really funky hair will be accepted by the mainstream. Sometimes I think it would be nice for it to be accepted since I get a lot of stares and sometimes I receive mean comments when I walk down the street in my hair pieces and cybergoth outfits. But I don't think I would want it to get too mainstream since this look isn't for everyone and I really wouldn't want to go to a club and see "everyone" all dressed the same. That would be very boring!

st3ph: I agree. I can't imagine goth ever being "in", but that article was talking as if mainstream fashion and models are already embracing the look and I was like awww just when I finally grew my black hairdye out. :P

Shayne: But the models wear the high fashion version of the "goth" look which I don't really think is very goth.

st3ph: Is "rave" dead?

Shayne: I can't believe you just asked me that. hehehe I guess I should have read all the articles on it recently. hehe

st3ph: That's why i asked... rave has been declared "officially" dead so often lately. I had friends declaring it dead in 1995 though... just as with *every other* scene :P

Shayne: In my opinion, I think rave has been dead for awhile. Or at least it has been for me. The scene just isn't the same as it was in the early 1990s. I basically stopped going to big parties years ago because I just didn't "feel" the scene anymore. I got annoyed at the high ticket prices, the poor production of parties, the over abundance of drugs, the sketchy people etc... Now I only go to one or two big parties a year. I would much rather go to small house parties with friends then spend $40 on a poorly run party with lots of sketch and drugged out 16 year olds. I guess I am just jaded. :-)

st3ph: I hear that.

st3ph: Describe the most hideous fashion disaster that you have ever seen.

Shayne: So many to choose from. hehe

Shayne: Every once in awhile I will see people who still wear acid washed tapered jeans with sweaters or sweatshirts that have pictures of kitties or bears on them. That is very unfashionable and hideous.

st3ph: Describe the most heinous fall that you have ever taken in public.

Shayne: Like me falling on the ground?

st3ph: Yup.

Shayne: About 7 years ago I was walking in the Walmart parking lot with my boyfriend. My boyfriend decided to tickle me so I started to run away from him. Somehow I tripped on my 36 inch wide leg pants and I fell to the ground. I ended up cutting my elbow, arm and my knees. I was bleeding for all those spots. Of course this happend right in front of a car with people in it. I saw them all laughing at me. It was quite embarrasing. My boyfriend even started laughing until he realized that I actually hurt myself. But my pants didn't rip so that was a good thing. After this, I never ran in big pants again! Hehe. We had plans to go to a big party the day I fell too. It sucked cuz my body was in pain so it hurt to dance.

st3ph: Hahaha. I've taken a number of big pants falls myself. But you probably already knew that :P

st3ph: Ok, back to serious questions: Do you do custom orders only, or do you have any ready-made hair extension styles available for people to purchase?

Shayne: Right now I only do custom orders. I may start making sets of dread falls to sell in the future but right now I don't have the time to do it.

st3ph: Where do you hope to go with this? Is it just a hobby, or would you like to turn it into your own small business?

Shayne: Right now it is just a hobby that I enjoy doing. Making dread falls is very time consuming (it ususally takes me 6-10 hours to make a set of dread falls) so I don't really have time to make a business out of it. Plus I don't think it would pay all my bills :-)

st3ph: How can people get in touch with you to place orders?

Shayne: People can email me at and let me know what they want. I can make custom dread and yarn falls. I can add rexlace (plastic gimp), yarn, tubing, ribbon or anything else a person would want to the falls.

st3ph: And finally: Is it true that the price of Sanrio stock has risen as a direct result of your frequent purchases of Hello Kitty items?

Shayne: LOL! If it hasn't it should :-)